Kane of Old Mars - Michael Moorcock, John Bolton This is actually the collected novels of the Kane series: City of the Beast, Lord of the Spiders and Masters of the Pit (all US titles, I gather the UK ones differ).

It's a good homage to ERB but, unlike Stirling's In the Court of the Crimson Kings, it's also a (at times not-so-subtle) subversion of Burroughs and the pulp SF/fantasy/adventure genre his novels represent. The third book is dominated by Kane's efforts to avoid fighting his foes and, rather, talking to them in an effort to avert violence. (Considering the current state of world affairs, quite topical.)

Like Burroughs, however, a little can go a long way, and after three books, the novelty begins to wane. It's probably a good thing that Moorcock abandoned his hero after only three books (if only ERB had had the same fortitude).