Courtship Rite - Donald Kingsbury I just can't get into this book. Perhaps it's that the writing is "harsh" and "clunky," at least to my mental ear. There are points where a character says something and I'm jarred out of the scene, asking "huh?" Perhaps it's the characters, of whom I like or care for none.

It's a shame for two reasons: One, the world (Geta) is potentially fascinating. A harsh world, most of whose flora and fauna is poisonous to human life. A situation that has forced the development of ritual cannibalism, and lives conditioned by the harsh needs for survival. Secondly, Kingsbury's Psychohistorical Crisis remains one of my favorite novels and I had high hopes for this one.

If I didn't have more interesting-looking books on my to-read shelf, I might have stuck with this one but I don't want to continue to waste my time here.