Founding Fathers - Alfred Duggan Another serendipitous find. Alfred Duggan (1903-1964) was an English historian, archaeologist and novelist who flourished in the 1950s with a string of historical novels, all of which sound interesting. This title came to my attention because I recently (Easter 2012) finished a book on the founding of Rome (Rome: Day One). Others, equally intriguing, include:

Conscience of the King, about Cerdic, the first ruler of Wessex;
Winter Quarters, about two Gauls in the time of Caesar;
Three's Company, about the career of Lepidus, the third leg of the Second Triumverate;
Elephants and Castles, about Demetrios I, one of the Successors to Alexander; and
Family Favourites, about a soldier during the reign of Elagabalus.