Infidel - Kameron Hurley I can’t recommend Infidel as enthusiastically as I do its predecessor, God's War, because it suffers from the middle-book-of-a-trilogy syndrome: It doesn’t go anywhere, and reads a bit too much like filler. I hope that the final book in the series, Rapture, will restore the energy that carried God’s War along.

I also didn’t like the overly manipulative way Hurley tries to get our sympathy with the stories of Rhys’s and Khos’s families, which have established themselves in Tirhan after fleeing Nasheen at the end of the first book. And Nyx is dangerously close to becoming a “mary sue” character – too awesomely bad ass to be believable she comes back from the dead at one point because of something in her brain that bel dames just happen to have been equipped with.

Nevertheless, with these caveats, I would still recommend this book. However, if you haven’t read God’s War yet, you should wait for the final book and read them as a whole. Fortunately, that final volume is due before the end of the year (2012), so one shouldn’t have a GRRM-like wait.