Lords of Atlantis - Wallace West I downloaded a sample to my Kindle a couple of days ago to see if there was anything to recommend this book to me after all this time, and there wasn't.

I can see how it may have interested my 14-year-old self, as it explores the Atlantis myth and the "real story" behind it but the writing is subpar and the characters are simply 20th century actors transposed to a poorly realized alternate past.

This was part of a triptych of books I acquired that were part of my "reading stable" for several years but I cannot remember what the titles of the other two were. One was - I think - written my Murray Leinster but I've not been able to find it in his bibliography. The plot revolves around a comet whose radiation turns a group of humans into metal (killing most everyone else), and recounts their struggle to survive and figure out what's happened to them. I was never able to finish it despite several attempts.

The second book was about a future where an alien race (the Szasz? I can't remember :-( ) have conquered Earth and have systematically stolen all of our water so that the planet resembles nothing so much as Dune. Our hero begins the story as a member of the alien's human enforcers who eventually joins a rebellion against the conquerors.