Zod - Fritz Vongucci What I learned: Vanity presses can go too far.

This is an atrociously written "book" that has provided no end of fun and catty references for myself and a few fellow editors where I work.

Some of the more memorable lines (the punctuation has not been corrected):

"I really hate you now Spod, you're like a twenty-pound [sic] of red-flame, seedless grapes gone bad!"

"Yeah Tony, no more Internet for you, the surfing is over!"

"John! Shut the hell up, with your funky receding hairline."

"You should honor your superior's [sic] dude."

"I feel like, I'm a small house pet rolled to my back, my paws erected trailing a creased limp and I suddenly realize. The soothing of kindly strokes on my chest appears to be, the hand of a cron."

One more: "Yes, Dad. I am past the cooing stage, I've tapped onto the fury stage."