Anarchy And Old Dogs - Colin Cotterill In 1975, the communist/nationalist Pathet Lao seized power in Laos. Dr. Siri Paiboun was one of the young, idealistic partisans who spent 30+ years of their lives helping to bring that about. Now in his 70s, he's tired and disillusioned with the inadequacies and incompetence of the regime but he's also the only candidate with the correct politics and the skills to be the country's chief coroner (pretty much the only coroner). He's also the reincarnation of a powerful Hmong shaman and can talk to dead people.

The supernatural element is almost wholly absent from this entry in the series, which focuses on Siri's attempt to foil a Royalist-Thai plot to overthrow the government and discover how a 10-year-old boy wound up drowned in the river. As ever, he's aided in his endeavors by his nurse, Dtui, and Colonel Phosy, a member of the national police.

This is another solid entry in the series, and I would recommend it.