Midnight 1st Edition (Midnight) - Jeffrey Barber, Greg Benage, Wil Upchurch, Robert  Vaughn, Jack Holcomb Like Sanderson's Mistborn series, this RPG supplement asks, "What if the bad guys won?"

And the results, at least for this world, are pretty harrowing. In defeating this world's Satan figure, the gods of good inadvertently cut themselves off from the world of Aryth, the only clerics who can wield healing magic are the dark god's, and one by one the kingdoms of the world have succumbed.

It's a horribly depressing venue for a role-playing game unless the GM is guiding the players toward a restoration of contact with the gods but well conceived here.

I don't actually play RPGs anymore so, like much of my RPG material, it sits on a shelf from which I take it down on occasion to help inspire the imaginings of my own imaginary world.