Star Trek Nemesis - Grover Gardner If I weren’t listening to this in the car, I think I may have stopped reading after chapter one – it’s boring! So very, very boring. The writing is insipid and clunky, and the story implausible. (Okay, okay – I know! We’re talking Star Trek so plausibility is a relative term but there are limits.)

I give it 2 stars (really about 1.5) because it is Star Trek, and I can’t bring myself to “not like it.”

It’s not entirely Dillard’s fault. The Next Generation in print suffers from the same malady as it did on TV and screen: Outside of Picard, there’s no interesting character to build a story around (and don’t give me any guff about how “cool” Worf is – what Paramount did to the Klingons is a crime – no, scratch that, what they did to the Klingons was a misdemeanor; what they did to the Romulans is the crime, and Michael Dorn is not that good an actor). And the material the author was given was pretty lame to begin with.

But if she were a better writer, she would have made reading it (and listening to it) fun. A pleasant diversion, at least.

And it could be made so much better with so little effort.