Best New Horror 2 - Stephen Jones A lackluster collection of stories. There were no real "stinkers" here but not much to write home about. The stand outs were:

"Jane Doe #112," Harlan Ellison: I'm not an Ellison fan but this was a decent comment on the waste of lives not lived.

"The Man Who Drew Cats," Michael Marshall Smith: I've read stories with similar themes but this was well done and kept my interest (as I write, I remember an episode of the old Japanese series Ultraman that dealt with the same idea).

"At A Window Facing West," Kim Antieau: A surreal look at how a woman faces her fears.

"Lord of the Land," Gene Wolfe: Wolfe is always an interesting writer even if his experiments fail. Here we have a tale about an anthropologist and an alien parasite (for another movie reference, think The Hidden).

As this was anthologized in 1991, nostalgia buffs might be amused at references to green computer screens and floppy disks and the complete absence of cell phones & social media.