The Wheel of Time: Boxed Set - Robert Jordan I tried reading this series several times before finally being in the right "mood." The first three or four books are pretty good (3-stars) but then there's a long fallow period where NOTHING happens until book 10.

Jordan's quirky take on male-female relationships also becomes annoying after 1000+ pages (actually it gets annoying far sooner).

Finally, and perhaps the most telling failure of the series, is that there is nothing to fight for. Understandably, most rational people would like to avoid living in a world ruled by an evil god but the "good guys" of the book ain't so "good" and it's hard to want them to succeed. I realize that, alas, this is the way real life is as well but even our world has figures and creeds that promise a better life. The lack of such in the Wheel of Time, I think, detracts from its power.