An Atlas Of Fantasy - J.B. Post I have managed to acquire a copy of this childhood favorite. It was only $1.98 but they got me with shipping and handling. Still it only came to about $8, less than I paid for the original copy, which fell apart because the binding couldn't take the constant page turning.

Poring over these maps eventually led me to the works of James Branch Cabell, E.R. Eddison, Austin Wright, Leigh Brackett and Clark Ashton Smith. I even heard about William Faulkner from this book since there's a map of Yoknapatawpha County in it (though, sadly, I didn't actually read him until I had to teach The Sound and the Fury for a high school Comp class).

Two of the more interesting maps are those of E.R. Burroughs' many worlds. Not only to we get his sketches of Barsoom and Pellucidar but also of Amtor (from his Venus novels) and all the lost cities Tarzan managed to stumble across in his African adventures. The other is that of the land of Allestone, the imaginary country of a boy who died before he was six years old -- Thomas Williams Malkin (1795-1802). As the author notes "[a] calendar and dating system, a history and a culture, and a geography were created for Allestone. The stories may read a bit crudely but consider that they were written by a six-year-old child." I'd love to find a copy of his father's memoirs, where the maps, histories and stories are appended, but it was written in 1806 and I doubt there are many copies still wandering about.