The Monkey and The Tiger - Robert van Gulik Two more solid whodunits from Judge Dee's career.

"The Morning of the Monkey" finds Dee struggling to find out who murdered and mutilated an old vagabond and left his body in an abandoned mountain hut while also trying to break up a smuggling ring. Needless to say, both cases wind up being connected and the obvious suspects are not the real culprits.

"The Night of the Tiger" takes place late in Dee's career. He's on his way back to the capital to take up his post as Chief Justice and finds himself stranded by flooding in a fort besieged by bandits and neck deep in a sordid tale of murder and greed. In this particular tale, Gulik is able to indulge in revealing a bit of Chinese culture when Dee spends some time playing the lute (Gulik had written an entire book on the subject: The Lore of the Chinese Lute).