Eaters of the Dead - Michael Crichton, George Guidall [book:Eaters of the Dead]: 2.5 stars

I've only ever actually seen Crichton's work - The Andromeda Strain (the original, not the remake), Jurassic Park, The Great Train Robbery and The 13th Warrior (based on Eaters) - and, technically, I still haven't read him. Based on this novel, I'll still not be reading him any time soon.

Don't get me wrong: It's by no means a bad book. The medievalist in me thinks the conceit of reading an actual, scholarly translation of the travels of Ibn Fadlan, a 10th century Arab diplomat (complete with scholarly footnotes and an appendix) is nice. Unfortunately, it allowed for little in the way of character development and (staying true to the conventions of medieval chronicles) left little room for the set pieces 21st century readers expect in an action novel. I have a feeling it's better experienced as an audio-book.

Ultimately, another harmless, largely mindless diversion that impressed this reader in no particular way.