The Born Queen - Greg Keyes I really don't have much to say about this book or the series as a whole except that it's very good escapist literature. Keyes is a good author who keeps the action moving and writes generally believable and interesting characters.

In this series (which started with The Briar King and continued with The Charnel Prince and The Blood Knight), Keyes tackles the problem of power, its use and how it corrupts the user. I was particularly impressed with his handling of Anne Dare and her growth into power. I was reminded of the Lord of the Rings while reading this - the dilemma about the good guys using the One Ring vs. destroying it was similar to Anne's use of the sedos power even though it would ultimately destroy the world. Unfortunately, I think Keyes' solution is a bit more realistic than Tolkien's hope (do we really think that, in the "real" world, Man would eschew the power of the Ring?).

The one real criticism I would lob at this series is that it has too many plot lines running at once (a defect of many modern fantasy series, I fear). The ending felt a bit rushed as Keyes tied up all the loose ends.

With that in mind, I'd also recommend that anyone interested in reading this series do so with all 4 books at once so that all those plot lines will remain fresh in your mind.