The Scarlet Pimpernel - Emmuska Orczy Not a bad adventure story. There's a bit of stereotypical anti-Semitism toward the end that might offend but it doesn't tarnish the overall enjoyment of the book too much (and it was sensibly dropped in the Leslie Howard/Merle Oberon film version).

Interestingly Orczy writes almost entirely from the point of view of Marguerite Blakeney (nee St. Just), Sir Percy's French wife, who is under a cloud for inadvertently betraying a French noble family to Madame Guillotine. There's something to be said about not jumping from viewpoint to viewpoint and keeping readers only as enlightened as they need to be. Fortunately, Marguerite is an intelligent and resourceful character, and she never passively accepts what happens to her and her friends so readers remain interested in the story.