Precipice - David Mack Precipice is Mack's third entry in the Vanguard series and it's a pretty good one but I fear that the series may be running out of steam or that Mack is getting lazy.

My primary piece of evidence for this assertion is the unbelievable change in the Cervantes Quinn character. Quinn began literary life as a 50+, overweight, slovenly, perpetually soused ne'er-do-well along the lines of a Cyrano Jones ("The Trouble with Tribbles") or Harry Mudd ("Mudd's Women," "I, Mudd"). He was never comic relief and there is a series of events that make him change his ways and begin to act more responsibly but in Precipice that change has passed from believable to fantasy: He is now working for Starfleet Intelligence, he leads a guerilla war against the Klingons, and in a battle with a Shedai displays a physical prowess that rivals Orlando Bloom's Legolas in Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" (another example of lazy story-telling).

I hope the next volume pares back on the super-heroics. If I wanted wuxia, I'd rent a Jet Li movie.

But it's still good brain candy and I still want to know the final resolution so I'll keep an eye out for book #6.