Songs from the Drowned Lands - Eileen Kernaghan 2.75 stars, rounded up

Songs from the Drowned Lands is a collection of short stories about 5 people from the Grey Isles (Atlantis) and their responses to the imminent destruction of their land.

The second book set in the world first encountered in Kernaghan's Journey to Aprilioth, review here), it's a prequel to that volume and the magical/fantasy elements are predominant. Journey could be read as historical fiction, there're no overtly fantasy elements that can't be explained as the perceptions of 1st millennium BC people, but spells and fantastic beings abound in this one.

Thieras, a young, precognitive woman, decides to remain and drown with her people even though this means giving up the man she loves, Dhan (whose story is the third part of the book). Eirech, a brilliant singer and musician, has given in to despair and wiles away the last days in wine, women and other debauchery. Dhan has organized a group that sails to Aprilioth, the colony established on Thera in the Mediterranean. Siod'h is a young priest-engineer who tries to bind the Old Gods and save the Grey Isles. And Ainn is an old priestess who knows the end is inevitable but still tries to hold back the waters.

The most interesting story is Eirech's. One of his mistresses conjures a succession of lovers for him, the final one being a lady of Fairy who he follows to her land. There he pays for deathlessness with his voice and talent only to find that it bars him from ever living in Fairy or from ever going beyond the carnal life of Earth.