Night of the Living Trekkies (Quirk Fiction) - Kevin David Anderson, Sam Stall Up to this stardate I've managed to avoid the zombification/vampirization-of-beloved-literary-icons genre (though I have enjoyed the GR reviews of these works) but based on Brad's review and the fact that it's Trek...well, "resistance is futile," as they say.

I'll probably warp through this over the weekend.

A surprisingly good Zombie-Star Trek adventure. You actually kind of really care about what happens to the people in the book: Jim Pike, ex-Army Afghan vet, reluctantly accepting the burden of leading the survivors of the zombie plague; Rayna, his sister; "Princess Leia" (aka Shelley), convention model and kick-ass amateur zombie killer; Gary, overweight software-company owner; "Willy Makeit" (aka Kenny Dyes), hapless redshirt; "T'Poc," a Vulcan from the "Mirror, Mirror" universe; and "Martock," a Klingon weapons smith. I have a feeling it will join The Havard Lampoon's Bored of the Rings: A Parody of J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings on my shelf - to be read every decade or so as a pleasant diversion.

I shouldn't, upon reflection, use the word "surprisingly" in the paragraph above because I came across this little gem via Brad's review and his eye for quality material - even if brain candy - is pretty good.

As he points out, this is fun for any Trekkie or Zombie fan or both, and really should be made into a movie.

* My favorite riff on the "Red Shirts Are Expendable" trope is the West Texas Red Tunic Club - Half the club dies in a car accident on the way to the convention, the other half succumbs to the zombie plague and the last survivor's real name is "Kenny Dyes" - and he does.

** Also, I might mention that though "Princess Leia" does spend much of the novel slaughtering zombies in her gold bikini, she also sports a smashing pair of slippers shaped like the USS Enterprise.