Hunter of Worlds (Human Rebellion, #2) (Alliance-Union Universe) - C.J. Cherryh Solid, old-school Cherryh. It doesn't have the power or polish of Cherryh at her best (e.g., Downbelow Station or Gate of Ivrel) but it moves along well and it displays the author's usual skill at creating truly nonhuman species.

It's greatest weakness - as pointed out in another review - is the passivity of the main characters (the kallia Isande and Aiela, and the human Daniel). Daniel offers some resistance to his iduve kidnappers but their overwhelming superiority (both technical and physical) make it pointless in the end. Tension and conflict arise from seeing how these largely helpless protagonists carve out some measure of autonomy within the context of their situation. (It reminds me of Mick Farren's Protectorate, where humanity must learn how to survive on the sufferance of two alien superpowers.)

Recommended for Cherryh fans, primarily.