The New Space Opera - Stephen Baxter, Dan Simmons, Robert Silverberg, Gwyneth Jones, Walter Jon Williams, Gardner R. Dozois, Gregory Benford, Ian McDonald, Nancy Kress, James Patrick Kelly, Jonathan Strahan, Peter F. Hamilton, Paul J. McAuley, Greg Egan, Kage Baker, Robert Reed, Tony Daniel, M Nothing terribly impressive in this collection.

I had already read the two standouts - "Minla's Flowers" (Alastair Reynolds) and "Muse of Fire" (Dan Simmons). Of the remaining, the best is Tony Daniel's "The Valley of the Gardens" and the absolute worst is Robert Silverberg's "The Emperor and the Maula," a retelling of The Arabian Nights.

My dissatisfaction with many of these stories is philosophical more than literary. There's a tendency in the New Space Opera and other hard-SF novels toward a coldness and inhumanity that rubs me the wrong way.