The Jargoon Pard - Andre Norton Not much to say here about The Jargoon Pard except on a personal note. The story is a solid, by-the-numbers fantasy quest as Kethan is forced to discover his true heritage. It's set in Norton's Witch World but isn't, IMO, one of the more memorable entries, and would only recommend it to a Norton completist. The characters are not very complex (though Ursilla could have been a really nasty villain if given more room to develop), and the ending stumbles into the deus ex machina snare.

On the personal note: I first read The Jargoon Pard when I was in high school, and vaguely remember being inextricably entranced by it. I also learned two new words from the title alone:

JARGOON - Noun. A colorless to smoky gem variety of zircon.
PARD - Noun. A leopard or panther.

The second thing is that I picked up a used copy from my local brick-and-mortar used-book store (God knows how they're surviving but I'm not complaining), and that edition has to have one of the ugliest covers I've ever seen:

The Jargoon Pard

So I'm sticking with the cover of the library book I checked out as a callow youth.