Ounce Dice Trice (New York Review Children's Collection) - Alastair Reid Ounce Dice Trice is the second in my B-Day trilogy that I mailed to my niece the other day (the first being Supposing, by the same author, the third, The Terrible Troll-bird).

This book is a romp exploring the magic/fun of words and their power.

Below is a short compilation of some of my favorite words or phrases:

A "consternation of mothers" or a "tribulation of children"

Sounds people & things make:

MRRAAOWL (a more accurate transliteration of a cat's "meow")
KINKLUNK (a car going over a manhole cover)

Names for whales: HAMISH, CHUMLEY

A propos of that: "It is most important to be a good namer, since it falls to all of us at some time or other to name anything from a canary to a castle...."

And, lastly:

If someone tells you something you don't believe, look at him steadily and say: FIRKYDOODLE FUDGE.