The Terrible Troll-Bird - Ingri d'Aulaire;Edgar d'Aulaire The Terrible Troll-Bird is the third book in this year's B-Day present to my niece, Claire (see my reviews of the other two: Supposing and Ounce Dice Trice), the most conventional of the three as it actually tells a story. In this case, the tale of Ola & his sisters, Lina, Sina and Trina.

The story reminds me of Beowulf: A New Verse Translation: The terrible troll-bird (Grendel) is terrorizing the forest & village, and when it attacks Ola, Lina, Sina & Trina's farmhouse, Ola manages to kill it. Everyone in the village and the denizens of the forest celebrate at a great feast (where the troll-bird provides the main course) but then the bird's owners - the trolls Gygra and Jotun (Grendel's mother) - come down from the mountain to take revenge. Fortunately, trolls - as everyone knows - aren't very bright and they're caught out when the sun rises and turn to stone.

The ending also reminded me of the great Norwegian film "Trollhunter" because after turning to stone, the trolls explode. (While we're recommending good Scandinavian films, I'd also include "Rare Exports" and "Dead Snow".)