Conan, Vol. 2: The God in the Bowl and Other Stories - Kurt Busiek, Cary Nord, Tom Yeates A weak 3 stars:

The artwork was good, though not as good as I found in Volume 3. The titular "god in the bowl" was particularly lackluster and disappointing.

Howard's story, "The God in the Bowl" is good, and the artists do a fine job of visualizing it. I wasn't as fond of the filler that preceded and followed it, however.

I did find it amusing that the thieves whom Conan frames in the first chapter bear a strong resemblance to Fahfrd and the Grey Mouser.

* Random thoughts:

(1) Why is the Ibis priest's name Caranthes in my paperback edition but it's Kalanthes in the comic?

(2) Why does Conan's life have to be shoehorned into a unitary epic? He's only 19 or so. There's no reason to get Thoth-Amon involved at this point in his life (in the Howard story, it's an anonymous group of Stygian priests of Set who send Caranthes the "gift"). Even as late as The Hour of the Dragon: Conan, Conan hasn't crossed paths with Thoth-Amon, even when he ventures into Stygia.

(3) Is Thoth-Amon even Howard's creation? I'm not immersed enough in REH memorabilia to know.

(4) Another point, Conan seems far too comfortable with the sorcery of Caranthes/Kalanthes. It seems out of character.