Plagues of Night - David R. George III It's extraordinarily rare that I can't finish a Star Trek novel. Heck, I even managed to get through Black Fire. But my tolerance for bad literature may have been higher 20+ years ago, and - in Ms. Cooper's defense - her story was so ludicrous it was like watching "Plan 9 from Outer Space" or "Cave Dwellers" or "Eegah." So bad it's good.

The most egregious fault in Plagues of Night is that it's boring! Endless chapters that sound like synopses of a TV episode, and that keep cycling through a variety of POVs. There's no action, just a lot of people hanging out and talking to each other (about the action that had gone on behind the scenes). I was only able to get about half-way through before my better sense convinced me that I shouldn't be wasting my time here.

The second quality that sank it for me was what I have called in other reviews "The Star Wars Syndrome." This is an illness that strikes writers in the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises (and I'm sure in others that I haven't read) where they feel compelled to include every character from the respective series no matter how peripherally. A less serious version of the virus is excessive references to episodes from the TV series and/or other books in the franchise.

I'm glad this is a library loan and will soon be leaving the apartment forever.

It may not be readily apparent but I'm not recommending this one, not even to Trekkies.