Acacia: The War with the Mein - David Anthony Durham I'm going to be lazy and direct my following to Ben's review of Acacia here. He covers much of what I would have written, though his reaction to the story was at least twice as enthusiastic as mine.

I first attempted to read Acacia several years ago and don't believe I got past the first 50 pages or so. I succumbed to impulse at a library used-book sale and plunked down the 50 cents to get my own copy. I can see why I dropped it the first time around. The writing's "clunky." Durham has a tendency to dump information on the reader in appallingly awkward asides; and when he's not, his writing is good but not great. None of the characters made much of an impression on me because I've seen them before and I've seen the plot before.

There's a mild interest to finish out the trilogy if only to have closure but no pressing urgency.

As you might suspect, I can't recommend the book. But...

I think this is a case of taste. If Durham's writing were less unwieldy or the characters more interesting (or both), I'd have more enthusiasm for the work. If you like fantasy and enjoy authors who can shake up the usual tropes, you should try Acacia. You might find Durham just your cup of tea.