Shadows in Bronze: A Marcus Didius Falco Novel - Lindsey Davis The second book in Davis's series about Marcus Didius Falco, an informer in the Rome of the Flavian emperors, picks up immediately after the events of the first novel, The Silver Pigs. Falco is helping to track down the remnants of the conspiracy he uncovered and confounded and finds himself tracked by and tracking Barnabas - the freedman of Atius Pertinax, now deceased conspirator and ex-husband of Helena, Falco's socially unobtainable lover.

There are a few plot twists - nothing is quite what it seems in the cut-throat world of Roman politics and society - but nothing too taxing for the brain.

The charm for me in Davis's stories are her characters and her writing style. As I mentioned in my Silver Pigs review, I'm strongly reminded of "The Rockford Files" when reading: A sardonic wit with just enough seriousness to make the reader care.

Confidently recommended. I look forward to picking up book #3, Venus in Copper.