My Own Kind of Freedom: A Firefly Novel - Steven Brust I saw the movie "Serenity" and enjoyed it very much but it was only after Netflix began streaming episodes of "Firefly" that I actually watched and fell in love with the series. I'm not a Joss Whedon fan. The few episodes of "Angel" I watched bored me. I never bothered with "Dollhouse." "Buffy" was more interesting, and I loved the series' finale (far better, IMO, than BSG's). But in "Firefly" a number of elements came together so that it spoke to me, including the cast, the background and the generally excellent scripts.

I am a fan of most of Steven Brust's work and I was eager to read his take on a favorite series. I think he did a pretty good job. Brust captures "Firefly's" tone (especially the relationship between Mal and Zoe), with minimal stumbles.

The story takes place between "Objects in Space"* and "Serenity," and involves the reappearance of a figure from Mal and Zoe's time in the war. I'm not going to get into spoilerish details but I will mention two caveats I had with the story. The first is the Alliance agent - Kit Merlyn. I wasn't entirely sold on his relationship with Serenity's crew. The other quibble I had was with Wash ("I'm a leaf on the wind") and Kaylee's actions during the raid on Sakarya's compound. Particularly in Kaylee's case; it seemed out of character. OK, one spoiler question: Kaylee would really consider crashing Serenity?

These concerns aside, I enjoyed the story and would definitely recommend it to "Firefly" fans. It's a piece of fanfic so those unfamiliar with the TV show would be lost, but I would recommend you get a hold of "Firefly's" one, too brief, season and then read this novella.

* I hate watching "Objects in Space" if only because of what the bounty hunter does to Kaylee. Of all the people in the 'verse who don't deserve to be hurt, Kaylee is in the top three.

** Many thanks to John S.'s review, which clued me in to the existence of this work.