How Much for Just the Planet? (Star Trek, No 36) - John M. Ford I originally gave this novel one star. I first read it as a teen-ager and couldn't finish it. I had had high hopes because - at the time - I had just come off of reading Ford's phenomenally good [b:The Final Reflection|216722|The Final Reflection|John M. Ford||1742225] and the brilliant [b:The Dragon Waiting|1744640|The Dragon Waiting|John M. Ford||1791898] but I wasn't a Gilbert & Sullivan fan and my love affair with Shakespeare was unconsummated so much of it went over my head. And having come from The Final Reflection, I couldn't quite believe in the Klingon characters. Ford appeared to be sacrificing the authenticity of Kirk et al. and his version of the Klingons to writing a homage to G&S and Shakespeare, and it didn't quite work.

And it still doesn't entirely work. I remain a nonfan of Gilbert & Sullivan and I do get more of the Shakespeare references but the story doesn't ring true, and - for me - it remains a failed experiment.